Repairing/Replacing the In-Line Distributor

There will be times when you have to replace the in-line distributor of the B230 engine. The main reason to do so is if your Hall sensor has failed. Or, you may wish to pull the distributor to replace the green large O-ring if you’ve noticed a lot of oil on the Hall plug. These instructions will also be useful if you wish to replace the distributor cap and rotor as part of your tune-up.



Use Liquid Paper or similar correction pen to mark the top of the spark plug wires, numbering from passenger side to driver side, 4-3-1-2, as shown. Doublecheck the connections yourself. (Note that the firing order is 1-3-4-2. How can that be? Hint: check the continuity of each outside post to each post inside the distributor cap. The direction of rotation of the rotor is clockwise, looking from front of engine to rear.)


Replacing the large green O-ring will help stop any oil leaks onto the Hall plug, which may well save your Hall sensor, preventing you from breaking down on the road.

Download "Replacing/Repairing the In-Line Distributor."