Real-Life Volvo Quiz

1987 740 Turbo, B230FT engine, LH-Jetronic 2.2 fuel injection, EZ 117K Ignition, manual transmission.

Quiz 1. No Start (revised--the new twist!)

Engine turns over or cranks, but will not run. Have spark from ignition coil. Broke open fuel rail and fuel is spewing forth into glass container on Ignition "Start."

Question: If it's sparking and there's fuel, why won't the engine run?


Quiz 2. Engine runs rough

I had just put on new timing belt and crankshaft pulley/vibration dampener. Previously, I had replaced fuel pressure regulator, fuel injection relay, distributor cap and rotor, and spark plugs in attempts to cure engine hiccups--all to no avail.

Symptoms: (1) Engine runs rough, especially at idle. Runs a bit better when driven, but doesn't have much oomph going up hills. (2) Occasional hiccups, both during idle and when driven. (3) My wife said, "Your exhaust smells like gasoline!" (4) Went to check ignition timing with Craftsman timing light. The timing light didn't work; can't trust those Craftsman electronic tools!

Question: What's causing the rough idling and hiccups?


Quiz 3. No increased revs when pressing on accelerator

Just cleaned the throttle switch and went for a test drive. Didn't go more than a quarter mile, making a right turn to go up a hill, and car wouldn't go. Luckily I could pull over to side of road. Engine runs, but when I press on the accelerator---nothing. No increased revs of the engine.

Question: What's wrong?